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What Recession?
By Jobstar

Don’t believe everything that you read in the newspapers or watch on TV.

There is no recession here in Australia. The media have nothing else to report except for sensationalism and sport. That is their trade. Australia is powering ahead as we did in 2008 when there was a recession in the US and many other countries, whilst we were not affected. Here at Jobstar Australia we are finding that the take-up for jobs is increasing, as are the number of jobs that we are advertising.

This is a stable democracy, a country with huge mineral and agricultural resources, isolated from the horrors of war. We are a clever country with a dynamic and flexible economy, well run with a government that is not corrupt as it is in so many parts of the world.

Understand that there are normal business cycles, such as in the housing sector with ups and downs happening every few years. Gold is down slightly but can jump right up, whilst for years it was static. Shopping strips may have empty shops here and there as unsuccessful businesses close, but they are quickly being replaced by booming online businesses selling identical products.

Flexibility is the key to living in the twenty-first century. This is where all business owners must carefully appraise and re-appraise their industry. Whether it is adding an on-line outlet to retail, seeking new export markets or retraining older staff to handle computer programmes: it must be done to stay in the game.

Be positive. Move forward or sideways but keep moving! Ignore the reports of gloom and doom as you keep your business going forward and make more profit than ever.