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How to Advertise the Jobs Available at Your Company Effectively

When you advertise available jobs on our online platform, you are sure to reach a large number of people that will suit your vacancy. However, you want to ensure that your job ads stand out from the crowd, contain the necessary information and capture the reader's attention. Our talented staff can assist you in creating the ideal ad for a job or you start promoting your vacancy immediately with our user-friendly website. Our affordable online platform allows you to advertise a job vacancy Australia wide and gives you more exposure with minimal effort.

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Why Should You Advertise a Job Online?

Consider the benefits of advertising your company's vacancies on an official job seeker website.

  • You can reach a wider audience: By posting your job adverts on an employment seekers website, you can increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate to fill the position. Our website is accessed by numerous people across Australia which means you can reach qualified candidates in other states. You can also target your ideal employee by highlighting certain aspects of your advertisement such as qualifications or industry experience to ensure that you reach your target audience. Our skilled writers can help you create the ideal advertisement for jobs to ensure that it is easy to read, professional and meets your requirements.
  • You can fill the position quickly: The more effective your advertising and online platform, the quicker you can find a suitable candidate and fill your vacant position. Therefore, you can reduce the time it takes to hire a person and instead put more effort into building your team and increasing productivity. Our online site lets you post job vacancies any time of the day and our automated site means that they appear on the vacancy board instantly. You can then receive manageable and trackable electronic applications right away which can help to streamline your hiring process.
  • It is a cost-effective method of advertisement: You will get value for your money when you post to an online job advertisement site as candidates can view your notice 24-hours a day. Your ads for jobs are available to view in other cities around the country which is a cost-effective advertising method when you compare it to listing a position in your local newspaper which has a limited reach. You can also benefit from our online target features such as job type, location and category that can make your post more effective in finding the ideal candidate.

Tips Regarding a Job Ad

Think about our tips to get the most out of your advertisement and attract the most suitable people for the job.

  • Write a specific title about the role: Use a job title or headline that is specific without being misleading to the job seeker. We recommend avoiding internal titles and instead use industry-standard headlines such as Office Manager, Analyst Programmer or Customer Service Representative so that the reader will immediately know a little bit about the job before reading further.
  • Tell your ideal candidate what they want to know: While your job advertisement should be engaging, you want to ensure that it contains the essential information and tells the candidates what the position entails. Your key facts should include an overview of the job, what experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications you require, and how the role may differ from other similar positions in the same sector. You should write a brief paragraph about your company so people can gain a better understanding of the industry and the role that you are advertising. Be sure to put a call to action at the bottom of your ad to prompt people to send in their applications before the cut-off date.
  • Use an effective format: An effective job advertisement will be brief and easy to read. Your chosen format for displaying your job description is critical as many candidates will view the ad on their smartphone or tablet. People initially scan job posts for keywords and phrases which can be hard to do when everything is written in one paragraph. Therefore, consider using bullet points or one-sentence paragraphs to display your key information.

Our knowledgeable and skilled team can assist in creating a custom job advertisement for your business.

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Common Mistakes People Make When They Advertise for Jobs

When you advertise a job, avoid these common mistakes to make sure your post is effective and attracts the ideal candidate.

  • Using euphemisms in the job description: Rather than using euphemisms which are open to interpretation, stick to qualifications and criteria that you can use to select candidates. For example, if you say you are looking for ‘enthusiastic individuals with a positive attitude' the majority of people will tick the box, yet they may lack the experience needed for the job. This tip can help you to avoid receiving applications from people who have no qualifications for the position.
  • Describing the perfect candidate: You don't want to put people off applying for the position by trying to describe the perfect candidate. Remember that your interview process will help you to narrow down the pool of contenders and some skills can be learnt on the job. Instead, you can decide on your minimum experience or qualifications threshold and then set another profile for skills that would be beneficial yet not essential. You should also avoid explaining the entire job description in your advertisement or setting unrealistic expectations.
  • Making your company sound unappealing: When including information about your company it is easy to write about your location, history, service and products. However, you should consider including factors about your company that make you unique or the ideal employer. Details such as being a leader in the industry, the direction your company is moving, additional benefits for employees or corporate discounts can make your job advert more appealing and may be a deciding factor for people to send in their application.

Why Trust Jobstar Regarding Job Adverts?

We help you fill your vacancy with the right job seeker. Our fast, efficient and user-friendly website allows you to advertise jobs online in three easy steps which can save you time, effort and money. Candidates can readily filter jobs by qualification or type which means that you can get more applications from suitable people and fill your vacancy quickly. Our affordable online set up allows you to showcase skills, qualifications and experience that you require for the job and reach a larger audience Australia wide. Our professional and experienced team can help you write the ideal advertisement.

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