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Recruiting employees is an arduous task because of the numerous steps involved to find a suitable applicant. When you post jobs online, you streamline the application process and receive all the relevant information in one focal point. As an employer, you can list all the requirements to fill a vacancy when posting a job ad online and sift through applications that meet your specifications. Jobstar offers HR managers, employers, and recruitment departments the ability to find the ideal individual for any vacancies they have available.

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Benefits You Get When You Post a Job Advert Online

There is no doubt that the ideal person for the vacancy in your business is out there. The problem is finding them. The traditional process of recruitment is slow and sometimes costly. In business, time equals money, and the longer you take to fill a position within your organisation, the more revenue you lose. For this reason, employers and HR managers are gravitating towards online recruitment where you can post job ads. Also referred to as e-recruitment, it's become the preferred option for jobseekers.

  • There is a misconception that not everyone has embraced the internet, especially when job hunting. We're living in an age where people from all walks of life and of various ages are applying for jobs online because of the simplicity of the process. As a result, when you post a job vacancy online, you're casting a wider net than traditional advertising. Instead of using a recruitment agency and their little black book of contacts, the internet provides a wide range of candidates where you're bound to identify your next employee.
  • The process when you post a job advert online is simple, and you don't have to be a professional in Information Technology. All it requires from you is the job description, an internet connection, and a little time out of your day to post the advert. Thereafter, job hunters can start forwarding their resumés along with their profile and complete application. It's possible to identify a suitable candidate, conduct the interview, and finalise the employment within a short period.
  • Advertising vacancies online will save you money on the hiring process. Traditionally, employers would place daily adverts in print media to ensure they reach many people. In the age we're living in, people prefer reading news online, which has somewhat decreased the effectiveness of newspaper advertising. However, when you post job adverts online, you're guaranteed to reach a broader audience at a fraction of the cost.
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Tips to Consider When You Post Job Ads Online

As an employer, what you do on an employment site matters. You must be smart with an effective advertising strategy that will attract candidates quicker and reduce the time it takes to hire personnel and your advertising costs. It's imperative that you spend time thinking about writing out the job advert to create a professional and ideal first impression to potential employees. These tips assist in improving your job adverts and adding appeal to the vacancies.

  • It's essential that you understand the role you're advertising. As such, you must list the key responsibilities and duties your new employee will undertake if they're successful with their application. The description must be clear and concise instead of muddled and laborious. In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself.”
  • To weed out undesirable applications or those that you think may not match the job description, consider including the salary for the position you've advertised. Firstly, it improves the number of responses to your post. Secondly, you'd filter out candidates who have unrealistic salary expectations. Furthermore, including the salary for the post provides applicants with an idea of the level of the position and, as a result, increases the number of relevant candidates.
  • Take a few moments to read the entire advert out loud. There is no substitute for a clear and systematic structure in your advert without any grammatical errors. Think about the essential requirements for the vacancy and neatly lay them out in bullet points to avoid confusion about your required skills. Additionally, it's wise to provide practical information regarding the job, such as working hours, the amount of travel involved, and the incumbent's reporting structure. It might take a few extra minutes but will reduce the number of questions further down the line.

What to Expect from Jobstar When You Post a Job Advertisement Online

In the year 2000, recruiters received only 22 percent of resumés via email or on the internet. By the year 2017, that number went up to over 90 percent, demonstrating how effective it now is to post a job advertisement online. Almost half of all job seekers hunt for new employment while on their smartphones, with seven percent of them doing it in their current employer's bathroom. For many years we've given HR managers and employers a modern-day tool to use when searching for new staff. You can showcase the skills, qualifications, and experience you require in your organisation on our platform, where thousands of people are in the process of finding new employment.

If you don't have the time to write out the advertisement, we are more than happy and capable of doing it on your behalf. All you need is to register your employer profile on our site, post your advert, and wait for the applications to filter through. Since we are an Australian-owned company, your advert receives country-wide exposure, so the location of your business doesn't matter. We do offer bulk discounts when you advertise on our site.

Enter the modern world of recruitment by using our online site. Contact us on 1300 554 286 or use our Contact form if you have any questions relating to our services or you can simply register your business and begin attracting people to the vacancies you have available.