About Us

Jobstar = job vacancies meeting jobseekers – the right ones!

We are a fully-owned Australian company, owned and operated in Australia.
Matching great jobs with great people happens with us. Now jobseekers can filter exactly the type of job that they are qualified for, whilst employers can showcase and detail the type of skills, qualifications and experience that they require.

Whether a job in trades, administration, IT, aged-care or a host of different jobs, Jobstar lists new jobs continuously in a simple and easy way. We list jobs in the city, regional centres, the country, jobs for all age groups, jobs that are for the experienced and jobs for beginners. We understand the job market, the different sectors and their requirements and assist employers to find the best candidates.

Employers can upload their advertisements directly to Jobstar, whilst jobseekers can then leverage the power of the internet immediately to see vacancies on our site, making it available to millions of people. Employers are advertising to both unemployed persons and to those looking to upgrade their careers.

We also provide information for jobseekers to ensure that when making applications they have the necessary skills, including resume writing and preparation for job interviews.

This company is interested in reducing unemployment statistics whilst assisting employers to find staff that will add value and bring profit to their companies, all with a goal of working together to ensure that we have a vibrant economy.

Enter the modern world of recruitment by using our online site. Contact us on 1300 554 286 or use our Contact form if you have any questions relating to our services or you can simply register your business and begin attracting people to the vacancies you have available.