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The Coming Boom
By Jobstar

The Australian economy is basically strong.

The media is interested in sensationalism, emphasizing plagues of biblical proportions such as the recent coronavirus, floods, and fires promoting the psychology of gloom and doom.

After World War Two there was a huge economic boom in Australia that lasted for many years. We can now look forward to another economic boom now after the current dip. Allowing the media to dictate a recession is wrong.  We are well placed to take advantage of the digital economy, research, and incoming tourism to mention just some industries. We already have valuable mining and agricultural industries and being a peaceful democracy are one of the few places in the world with a strong government dedicated to moving forward. At the same time, people are well looked after with excellent medical services, available jobs in all sectors, and government care for the disabled.

Many businesses have recently hesitated in their future expansion plans, worrying every time they see negative news reports. As we begin to put the coronavirus behind we must recognize that we are far away from the war on Ukraine and other conflicts. We must see that Australia is indeed a lucky country. We now increase our exports to more places, have trade agreements with other blocs, we work to establish hi-tech industries competing world-wide and we scrutinize better job opportunities with government input such as the upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit.  

An example for investment is the real estate downturn after prices skyrocketed for years. It is not a negative that they are dropping – there is the opportunity to purchase commercial and residential properties at a huge discount. Other examples are the trades: there is unlimited work available for tradespersons in many sectors such as motor mechanics and plumbers.  

Schools are open, offices have staff returning and even the cost of petrol is down from the highs. It is now time to move forward. Time to plan increases in business. 

 It is time to take advantage of the coming boom!

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