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Max recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne, comes with excellent references, has a great track record for his occupation and is computer literate. He is fit and healthy BUT is 55 years old. Would you employ him? 

Government statistics have shown that there is active discrimination against prospective employees over fifty who are keen to work. 

Max and those like him offer experience and know-how, as a group are reliable and turn up for work every day, are more likely to have a morality that emphasises honesty and expect to be able to put in another twenty years on the job. They also do not need to be trained as many younger people do.

At JOBSTAR we encourage hiring on the basis of suitability to do the job. If the recruiter is in her twenties it may be difficult to envisage employing an older person or thinking that a team should be of the same age group to be compatible. 

Willingness to do the job is the first and most important criteria when hiring. Experience and skills come next, as is the ability to do the job.

Age should not be an artificial barrier. An older person can be a winner for your company as well as a very good investment.