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Why You Should Employ These People
By Jobstar

Employers often ignore the very best applicants for jobs. They are not invisible; they are there ready and willing to work with the skills and experience that is required.

  • Over 50’s who are fit and healthy: Tradespeople, Accountants, Sales, Farmers, IT, Real Estate, Legal and more. They contribute skills and experience, reliability, strong work ethic and communication skills.
  • New Australians and their descendants: Because applicants do not have an Anglo-Saxon names this does not reflect on their suitability for the job. Check them out.
  • Disabled persons: With every disability comes an ability – the job may be suitable for persons with a disability. There is new technology to enable communication with all employees. Access may be a simple matter to install.
  • Young people: An enthusiastic young person willing to learn can be a great bonus for any company, prepared to mould themselves into the operations of your company whilst learning skills at the same time.
  • Women: The days of women being only homemakers are over. They are there: looking for jobs. Choosing suitable applicants from both males and females, even breaking the glass ceiling is in the best interests of all employers.


Employing mature age workers

Workforce Australia Services Wage Subsidy

The Workforce Australia Services Wage Subsidy is a financial incentive (up to $10,000 inc GST) to encourage businesses to hire and retain mature age employees who are 50 years and over.

For information regarding additional grants that may apply to your business, contact 1300 555 727.