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Falling in love at work – good, neutral or bad? It really depends on who you are, what your station in life is and whether it is destructive or not.

Scenario One: You are married, but the proximity of that gorgeous man whom you work with is starting to bring up ideas: Is he nicer than the one you have at home? Is there a physical attraction?

Can you actually work effectively whilst he is around? 

The answer is plainly that this is danger with a capital D. Your whole life can be ruined if you don’t drop these ideas that are running around in your head. Your marriage, your children and probably even your job will be on the line. Find a way to work somewhere else in the company. Be professional.

Scenario Two: She is a bombshell, and what is more her skirt is so high and so tight plus that little singlet top – oh, my. She should be shut in the bathroom because you just can’t concentrate on your work. Is it love? Is it lust? If you invite her out for drinks you know that things at work will just not be the same again. And don’t forget not to put your hand out to touch her: there are laws about those things.

So what is love at work? The attraction between the sexes is a new thing with women leaving the home to encroach on what used to be a male-dominated workplace. Or was it? Women always worked in the fields and still do in many countries. But they never did parade around immodestly a meter or two away from you. 

Scenario Three: (the worst problem)

Let us say that you both meet at work, manage to keep your love out of the office and conduct it after hours. Eventually you marry and settle down. The workplace may be too small for you both, particularly if you are both determined to be upwardly mobile in the same occupation. Mike wants to be the company director, but so does his wife Chelsea who has been working for the past ten years in that direction. Love at work may not translate into a peaceful home life if one of them is left holding the baby and the other is appointed director.

It is sensible to create a personal boundary in your life to the extent of missing that Christmas party where things can go haywire. Work should be work, personal life should be separate, and although it is fine to love your work the truth is that life is much simpler when you realise that love belongs at home.

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