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So you have a job vacancy & you need to wirte a job advertisement. You can take advantage of our many years of experimenting with various ways of writing job ads, by using the following 8 tips for writing the perfect job ad.

8 Tips for writing the perfect job advertisement.

1. The Title

  • Keep it short and sweet using one or two keywords. For example, Carpenter is what an applicant for a Carpenter will type when looking for a job. Definitely, do not use a complicated and lengthy title such as Carpenter / Shopfitter Wanted for Immediate Start.

2. Location

  • If you do not want your candidates driving for an hour or more from the other side of town be specific and use either a well-known suburb such as Dandenong coupled with the city: Melbourne, or alternatively you can use South-East suburbs, Melbourne.

3. A Brief description

  • The description should be in the first line: Expand on your title. For example: We have a vacancy for an Experienced Carpenter in Dandenong.

4. Type of job

  • Specify whether the job is full-time, part-time, casual or permanent, and whether overtime will be available. Details such as shift and weekend work should be included.

5. About your business

  • Applicants will want to know about your business. A brief paragraph explaining what you do is important. 

6. Details of the role 

  • What candidates are expected to do. Include any benefits, such as a work vehicle, uniform or mobile phone. Matters such as being close to transport are important if available.

7. Essential skill sets

  • List them with dot points. Add on whether they will require their own transport to get to work, and whether they need to be living in Australia with the appropriate work visa or citizenship.

8. And finally:

  • Unless you intend to employ a highly-educated professional, keep your ad as simple as possible for the best results.

And, if possible you should add your logo and a photo.

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